Mid-Week Musings

Still suffering with this cold/cough/crud, but it sounds like it’s running rampant around the area.

Still working my way through the various pieces that have been written to analyze yesterday’s West Virginia primary. Heck, with my head trying to explode, let’s start with some humor.  It’s at the expense of Hillary Clinton, that’s true. That may upset some of you. Still, it’s funny.

Hillary’s campaign isn’t dead, it’s resting!

You really have to read Dana Milbank’s piece in today’s Post. It’s hysterical – as metaphor for Hillary’s campaign he weaves in the dead parrot from Monty Python (he’s not dead, he’s resting!) – though this paragraph was particularly Clintonian: “2:57 p.m., Yeager Airport, Charleston, W.Va.: A steep descent brings Clinton’s plane to Charleston’s hilltop airport. After an appropriate wait, she steps from the plane and pretends to wave to a crowd of supporters; in fact, she is waving to […]

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