The President’s Golf Game

Yeah, I thought his comment about how he quit playing golf because it didn’t look good to be out there having fun while Americans were dying in Iraq was, at the very least, tacky.  Here’s an even tougher assessment..

Allen: Bush’s ’spring in his step’ implies ‘he must not read the papers or watch TV much.’

In an interview with a local ABC affiliate, Politico’s Mike Allen discussed his interview with President Bush yesterday, in which Bush said he has given up golf because of the Iraq war. Describing Bush’s “upbeat” mood about his presidency, Allen said it makes him realize that Bush “must not read the papers or watch TV […]

UPDATE:  Olbermann chastised the Pres. Wednesday night (Transcript and video on the link to Crooks and Liars:

Countdown Special Comment to President Bush: “Shut the hell up.”

In an astoundingly ignorant interview with The Politico’s Mike Allen Tuesday, President Bush insinuated that electing a Democrat in November would lead to another attack on America, and revealed that he made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up golf shortly after the start of the Iraq War — the timing of which he […]

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