Those Photo ID’s

The idea of requiring photo ID’s to vote is frightening. Sure, it’s not a problem for many people, they have a driver’s license.  Missouri, however, is trying an end-run around the law and it’s really ugly.

The Problem in Missouri

Lately, Republicans have been losing close statewide races in Missouri. But they have a solution. Better policies? Better candidates? Nah. If you’re losing close elections all you need to do is find a way to keep some Democrats from voting.  Digby has the ugly details. Basically, […]

Local Missouri bloggers are really up in arms, providing more details:

Word to People in Wheelchairs: Sen. Loudon Thinks Because You Don’t Drive You are Lazy and You Shouldn’t be Allowed to Vote

Although there were many other worthy submissions of offensive quotes, the Heartless Quote of the Week goes to Senator John Loudon, hands down: […]

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