Congress has passed a new Farm Bill by a margin big enough to override any promised Presidential veto.  Hillary Clinton’s making it a campaign issue, too.

Clinton Uses Farm Bill to Link McCain and Bush

Matt Phillips reports on the presidential race from Bath, S.D. Delivering her stump speech at the Jones’ Farm in Bath, S.D., Sen. Hillary Clinton used the freshly passed farm bill to link presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain to President Bush. Hillary Clinton at Jones’ Farm in Bath, S.D. (Associated Press) “You probably know that President Bush says […]

Kind of a “two-fer”.  This one’s NOT veto-proof, but it’s a surprising strong stance from the House.

U.S. House defeats $162.5 bln in new war funds (yeah)

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday defeated legislation that would have funded the war in Iraq for another year, in a surprise move that the Senate could overturn. By a vote of 149-141, the Democrat-controlled House rejected a measure that […]

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