You’d Think A President…

He really should be smart enough to realize that what he’s saying isn’t valid. The comparison isn’t fair.

Bush Charges ‘Appeasement’ in Knesset Speech

In a speech to Israeli lawmakers this morning, President Bush suggested that statements from Democrats –including Barack Obama – about reaching out to America’s enemies were akin to appeasement of Hitler ahead of World War II. This drew a quick reaction from the Obama camp. Bush said: “The fight against terror and extremism is the defining […]

UPDATE: Do you think Joe Biden is just a tad bit upset by what the President said? Do ya’ think?

Biden calls Bush comments ‘bulls**t’

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joe Biden, D-Delaware, called President Bush’s comments accusing Sen. Barack Obama and other Democrats of wanting to appease terrorists “bulls**t” and said if the president disagrees so strongly with […]

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