The Weekend Is Over

How was yours? Ours was quite busy.  Celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary Saturday night, delivered welcome packets to first-time visitors to our church on Sunday, then fixed catfish for the kids and families.  It was pond-raised catfish from south Arkansas, never frozen, and it got rave reviews from everyone.  Looks like I’ll be a repeat customer to that stand at the Saturday Farmers’ Market! We divided the 2 1/2 pounds in half, did half the typical fried way, but did the other half on the grill, after marinating it in Italian salad dressing and then basting it with a combination of tomato soup, oil, vinegar, sugar and a bunch of spices.  Sounded strange and a bit scary, but it turned out great and both ways were a hit. During dinner, we watched an old videotape of when the kids were very young, on vacation at grandma and grandpa’s.  It was great to see them laugh at themselves and share that laughter with their respective spouses and finance’. All in all, it was great way to wrap up the weekend.  Of course, I still have dishes to do tonight, but there will be time for that!

Now, off to the races.  Topic number one:  FEMA.

Does FEMA need more power?

When the next hurricane threatens to strike, how will you get the news? For that matter, will you survive? Some want to give the Federal Emergency Management Agency even more authority over disaster response than it already has, even while it struggles to modernize the country’s emergency alert system […]

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