Making The Hillary Case

Talk Left runs the numbers and says Hillary must stay in the race. Think you understand the numbers and the numbers tell her to get out? Read on:

Popular Vote Totals: Hillary’s Still Ahead

…Regardless of what the DNC does on May 31 with FL and MI delegates, the popular votes were certified by the states. Their numbers are real and they must be added to her popular vote total. Obama removed himself from the ballot by choice, not requirement. This is a consequence of that decision. He needs to accept it. […]

And, over at AMERICAblog, John Aravosis takes the argument a step further:

Hillary is taking this to the convention

…Hillary’s latest greatest strategy is to convince her followers that they were robbed of their nomination because “elites” in Washington, including the Democratic elites (read: Superdelegates), hate women (I guess that’s news to Nancy Pelosi). Now, what possible reason is there for Hillary to latch on to this new strategy? Because she’s planning on […]


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