Who’s Responsible?

Following up on earlier posts on gas prices, (just scroll down. You’ll stumble upon them) who IS responsible?  Big Oil? The industry is certainly profitable, but they say the federal government won’t let them drill for new oil supplies.  OPEC? Certainly some responsibility lies there.  Consumers? We really haven’t backed off on consumption. But, Nancy Pelosi?  Come on guys…get real!

Boehner And Buddies Hope The Public Forgets Whose Energy Policy This Is

In one of the most laughable stunts ever to come out of the House Republican leadership, Minority Leader John Boehner and his minions are labeling the recent stratospheric rise in gasoline prices “the Pelosi premium.” The fumes from their oil company friends have finally gotten to them. There is no credible case to be made that Democrats in general, and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi in particular, is responsible for the perfect […]


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