Big Story of The Evening

Oh, my.  Hillary’s done it again. Put her foot in her mouth. Links the Bobby Kennedy assassination with her determination to stay in the campaign. Huh, you say?? Yup, I reply. Just click the link.  You’ll get the video clips to prove it.

Oh no she di’int!

And from “The Moderate Voice” comes an excellent compilation of comments:

Clinton Apologizes After Invoking RFK Assassination To Stay In Race

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton has apologized after today perhaps inadvertently jumping the whale — more than jumping the shark — when she invoked the 1968 RFK assassination as a reason to stay in the race, and then apologized after it began triggering a mini-firestorm of protest and negative media coverage. The largely unmentionable issue in American politics is this: […]

Meanwhile, Jeralyn at Talk Left says everybody is over-reacting. I’m probably in her court. I don’t have the energy on a holiday weekend to really get upset..

Making Mountains Out of Molehills

…The leap that is required to think that her reference to the RFK assassination was in any way a statement or subliminal wish that it might happen to Obama is mind-boggling […]


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