It’s Friday

And it’s been one heck of a long week. I’m gonna line up some posts for tonight, then crash. Saturday morning means the farmers’ market and I’m ready to snag some healthy food.

Lots of chatter today about John McCain’s medical records. Bloggers on the Left were all up in arms about the weird three-hour window reporters got to dig through all the records.  It is pretty strange, I have to admit.

What is McCain hiding in his medical records?

Joe reported yesterday on McCain’s rather bizarre contortion regarding “release” of his medical records. He’s not “releasing” them at all. Like some kind of supermarket game show where you get 5 minutes to stuff as many groceries in your basket before the time runs out, McCain is giving a select group of reporters only 3 hours to peruse through what are […]

So, what did reporters come up with when they got their hands on the records? The AP’s report (via CNN) is pretty cut and dried –

McCain’s in pretty good shape.

Three-time melanoma survivor John McCain appears cancer-free, has a strong heart and is in generally good health, according to eight years of medical records reviewed by The Associated Press.


The Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting remains at risk for […]

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