Best-Laid Plans

Oh, well. It was a fascinating idea. Hanging in there all this time, fighting for the delegates from Michigan and Florida.  Leave it to the lawyers to put the kabosh on it. Of course, you could argue that the lawyers don’t have the final word on it, but…

Dem Party Lawyers Say Rules Committee Can’t Seat Full Delegations

In what could potentially be a blow to Hillary’s electoral hopes, such as they are right now, the Democratic National Committee’s lawyers have declared that the Rules and Bylaws committee lacks the legal authority to seat the full Florida and […]

Clinton, bless her heart, isn’t giving up.

Clinton Makes Case Directly to Superdelegates

The New Yorker sends a letter and memo to every superdelegate, arguing she’s the party’s strongest contender against McCain. “Ultimately, the point of our primary process is to pick our strongest nominee… I hope you will consider the results of the recent primaries and what they tell us about the mindset of voters in the key […]

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