Mid-Week Update

Where, oh where, to begin!  If last evening started off slowly, it ended with a bang!  The word began leaking out about Scott McClellan’s new book. The one in which he pretty much eviscerates the Bush Administration.  Who’d a thunk it? Scott McClellan? My goodness! Some of his former co-workers have come out swinging:

Move To Discredit McClellan For Anti-Bush Memoir Has Begun (UPDATED)

Then, there’s Keith Olbermann. Critics who claimed he’s been overly tough on Hillary Clinton and excessively kind to Barack Obama just lost another argument. It seems he’s not enthralled with EITHER democratic candidate right now!


On Memorial Day, Senator Obama, trying to show some patriotism and solidarity with the military and Jews (except those in Israel), mentioned his grandfather’s service in the military and his uncle helping to liberate Auschwitz. Apparently, Senator Obama was also seeing “dead people” at the same time. Senator, whatever could you POSSIBLY be thinking? […]

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