Ready To Rumble

Amazing.  The Scott McClellan book was still the big story this morning!  That makes two days in a row that his story of how the Bush Administration propagandized the run-up to the Iraq War is getting top billing. In fact, in the early morning haze today, things turned downright ugly and nasty:

MSNBC: White House Officals Are ‘Flat Out Angry,’ Calling McClellan ‘Traitor,’ ‘Benedict’

When Scott McClellan resigned as Press Secretary on April 19, 2006, his White House officials colleagues heaped praise on him: President Bush: “And I thought he handled his assignment with class, integrity. He really represents the best of his family, our state and our country.” [4/19/06] White House Counselor Dan Bartlett: McClellan “served this country and this […]

However, I stumbled on another little tidbit of information that I thought deserved to make the first post of the evening right here. Our tax dollars, my friends. Our tax dollars.

Report: Billions in defense spending unchecked

Pentagon auditors say billions of dollars in military spending is going unchecked because they are having trouble keeping pace with the ever-expanding defense budget and combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a recent report, the Defense Department inspector general estimates that nearly half of the military’s $316 billion weapons budget went unchecked last year because […]

Fox. Meet chicken house.

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