One Of The Best Stories, Ever

Even if you’re not a big sports fan, you need to read this story. I relate to it because of my Iowa background. But, it’s really a story about the NFL and a tragic tornado.  It’s a real must-read and, heck, it’s not even about politics. It’s about being a compassionate human being.

NFL Players Caught Up In Iowa Tornado Devastation

A tornado struck northeast Iowa a week ago, and seven people were killed. About 220 homes were destroyed, and much of the downtown of Parkersburg, Iowa (pop.: 1,800) was leveled. We see these stories in the news an awful lot this time of year, and we feel sad for those who have been affected, but for the most part we move on. The one reason this one piqued my interest is because four NFL players — Green Bay defensive Aaron Kampman, Detroit defensive end Jared DeVries, Jacksonville center Brad Meester and Denver offensive lineman Casey Wiegmann — come from there, and I read where Kampman had sent out an urgent appeal for help. So I phoned him to hear his story, and it made me stop in my tracks [..]

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