McCain Speech-ifying

I’m not sure the speech I watched this morning was much better, but last night’s attempt was a disaster. Really. No way around it. What the heck were they thinking! It was hard to watch (nice ugly green background, folks!), and hard to listen to. All in all, it probably scared off more people than it brought in. The Carpetbagger blog has a great roundup of the speech and reaction to it. Sadly, the whole thing was almost comical.

McCain tries to steal Dems’ thunder, but ends up all wet

John McCain, for all of his flaws and troubles, has assembled a professional team of advisors and consultants. Most of them are high-priced lobbyists, which, while raising ethical questions, but this a crew who knows how to play to win. And I can probably imagine their thinking going into last night. Barack Obama was poised to […]


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