Olbermann’s Attitude

I still enjoy watching Keith Olbermann on MSNBC’s “Countdown”, but he’s beginning tol get on my nerves. Every once in a while. His “Special Comments” are still marvelously written, but he, sometimes, goes over-the-top with his delivery. The points he makes ARE important, but not THAT important. That being said, I have been following the ratings and “Countdown” is performing VERY well for MSNBC. There are nights when he actually has more viewers than Bill O’Reilly. Like this Tuesday. By a wide margin. That’s something unheard of until recently. And, it’s not just nights when O’Reilly is gone. He’s beating him, head to head. It’s a strong indication that American news viewers are sick and tired of being spoon-fed administration talking points.

The Rise Up Of Countdown

Another month, another dismal performance by Fox News who, once again, wins the trophy for “Slowest Growing Cable News Network.” The redundancy of this news compels me to search for some other ratings story so as not to bore myself. Fortunately, I’ve found a couple. For most of the past half dozen years, Fox has enjoyed […]

So, why is O’reilly’s lead dissolving? Could it be because the man is a liar? Or, to give him the benefit of the doubt, doesn’t research things very thorough or just isn’t all that smart?

Despite available audiotape, O’Reilly asserted, “[T]he Hagee thing isn’t going to take off because there’s no tape on Hagee”

During the May 30 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly discussed controversial supporters of Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama and claimed that “the [Pastor John] Hagee thing isn’t going to take off because there’s no tape on Hagee.” Hagee withdrew his endorsement of McCain after […]

Finally, looks like there was a little dustup between Keith and another big NBC guy on the air..

Brokaw vs. Olbermann?

NewsBuster’s Brad Wilmouth notes a semi-terse moment between Tom Brokaw and Keith Olbermann last night during MSNBC’s political coverage…(via Chickaboomer) Shortly before 8:00 p.m., after Brokaw finished describing what he called the “very strong credentials” and “remarkable stories” of Barack Obama and John McCain, Olbermann chimed in: “And a third one trying to shoe-horn her way […]


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