The Michelle Obama Tape Story

I though it had died down. Thanks to a McClatchy newspaper report, it’s back on the front burner, with a non-denial denial.

Obama Denies “Whitey Tape” Rumor… Or Does He?

..Now it appears to me that Obama isn’t so much denying that his wife gave such a rant, but rather denying the existence of the video (which has yet to be released if it exists) and he’s also choosing to […]


One response to “The Michelle Obama Tape Story

  1. It’s been killed. You might need to be updated.

    But first off, he did actually end it by saying, “dirt and lies”. His additional words were jabs straight at the media for believing it. Paticularly the Professional mainstream media versus the bloggers. I’m a repub, but he was right. I like facts over lies.

    David Weigel from reason collected all the debunkers of this nonsense. From the people at campaignpost and Jim Lindgren from Volokh Conspiracy. Jim Lindgren actually lives in Chicago and works at Northwestern U as a Law Professor. He actually documented his search and completely debunked the story.

    Here is the link:

    3 people debunked and campaignpost showed it as a bloody excerpt from a non-fiction cheezy political thriller. Obama himself stated it was “dirt and lies”.

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