Sunny Saturday

And, yes, it is another HOT one! Made the run through both Farmers’ Markets this morning and was delighted to find the first Arkansas peaches and the first real quantities of Arkansas tomatoes! Oh, the blueberries are beginning to roll in, too! And most of the local fruits and veggies seem to be a bit less costly that what you’d pay at the supermarket! Of course, the walking isn’t bad for a person, either!

Didn’t make it back home in time to catch Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of Barack Obama, so I’ll send you off to the net to watch this clip:

Party Unity Begins: Hillary Clinton Suspends Campaign, Endorses Barack Obama

After a long, grueling primary season, Senator Hillary Clinton called for party unity and vowed to support Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. In an inspirational speech to supporters in Washington D.C., Clinton called on her supporters to rally behind Obama: “The way to continue our fight now, to accomplish […]

Full transcript here:

Clinton Concession Speech: Read Transcript


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