The Future of Television News

Let’s call it the “Olbermann Effect”. With technology changes ripping through the world of broadcast and cable, we’re seeing huge shifts in the style of the news we watch. If you track the nightly ratings among the cable newsers (I’ll try to dig out some links later today), you’ll notice that MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” is topping Bill O’Reilly on Fox News on a fairly regular basis. “Horror of horrors” shrieks the hardcore right. How dare he get more viewers than our beloved Bill?

Inside Cable News notes a newspaper reports analyzing what’s happening. Of particular note, the reference to the future being viewing news on a tiny screen on a wireless phone. As one who just upgraded to a phone that allows that, there IS something “freeing” about being able to call up a weather update, or watch highlights of the Clinton campaign-ending speech while waiting for friends at lunch.

Olbermann: The Future of TV News?

Howard Rosenberg in the LA Times opines about Keith Olbermann and the effect he may be having on TV News… We worried in Walter Cronkite’s day in the ’60s and ’70s that a news anchor would sway public opinion merely by raising a brow in subtle response to a story. Oh the horror. Yet today, mainstream TV […]

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