What A Day

We had a two hour power outage this morning. Turns out our local power company had to take down a transmission line so a neighboring company could do some work! It was supposed to take 45 minutes. After two hours, it finally came back. But, my DSL service did not. Finally got that fixed and things are returning to normal. It’s strange how isolated you feel when there are no lights, no TV, no sounds of fans running, throughout the house.

When things came back online, the first news I saw on TV was from the land of my birth, Iowa, where floods are a huge problem. My first TV job was in Cedar Rapids, where nearby small towns are being evacuated. Everybody being told to get out. Downstream, in Iowa City, where I attended college, they’re anticipating big problems as water rushes over the top of the nearby Coralville Reservoir. Our home was near that reservoir.

As if that’s not enough, there are new reports on Global Warming. That’s right, doubters, the science is beginning to stack up.

Study: Arctic warming rate could triple

Rapid Arctic sea ice loss could triple the rate of warming over northern Alaska, Canada and Russia and trigger permafrost thawing that unleashes extremely potent greenhouse gases, according to a new study. “Our study suggests that, […]


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