The Californian and The Iowa Blizzard

I was born in Iowa. I was raised in Iowa. Went to college at the University of Iowa. No doubt about it-winters can be brutal. Even for natives. For a California reporter chasing political candidates around Iowa in February, it’s something to remember. And a lesson to learn about people and humanity.

We met serendipitously only a few hours earlier. The Shocks welcomed me to their home, my teeth chattering after I slammed my rental car into a snow drift on a closed road a few hundred feet away. The walk by this native Californian to their door — in 12-degree, blizzard conditions — was brutal: I was wearing a thin jacket, and no boots or gloves. I was on my way to watch Kamala Harris shake hands with folks like the Shocks at a coffee shop in Waterloo; then on to a nearby Baptist church, and a town hall in Bettendorf. Janet wasn’t surprised the campaign scratched the coffee and church from its Sunday schedule because the roads were so dire.

The full story is RIGHT HERE.

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