He Knows How to Pick ’em

Great background for a Press Secretary:

Initially I wrestled with the notion that poor white people love Donald Trump, along with the so-called hard-working Americans of the white middle class. Strangely, they seem to see themselves in him.
How can poor people of any color relate to a guy in the top 1%, who was born into and gifted a fortune, has a private jet, and can afford to send his sons all the way to Zimbabwe just to kill cheetahs and alligators? OK, I get how the monosyllabic words he uses in his hyper-repetitious speeches — in combination with him being an I’m not a racist kind of racist who calls the Charlottesville racists “very fine people” — might seem familiar to many in his base. But give me a break: Trump is a billionaire who probably hasn’t paid taxes since O.J. Simpson had white fans. They still love him. I guess I’ve finally made sense of it.
My revelation came after the New York Times reported that Trump’s new White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, has two…

CLICK HERE and we’ll take you to the full story in Salon.

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