Speaking Honestly

Got to admit, she doesn’t mince words here! And the comments are worth a few moments of your time!

The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast): MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace bashes “chickenshit” pro-Trump pundits for smearing Vindman https://trib.al/iwbr8Yj

Donald Nelson (@HanoyShan): @thedailybeast That was a fine example of righteous anger. Those cowards are denigrating a decorated military officer who spoke up when he saw something wrong. Kissing Trump’s ass takes no courage, just a total lack of shame.

Fight Information Warfare (@CivilityWins): @thedailybeast Yes

Vicki Irvin (@vickiirvin): @thedailybeast Yasssssssssssss

Robert Chavez (@RobertRch219): @thedailybeast Wow!!! Here I thought Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid were the only ones that really had the guts. The males on MSNBC like Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews should take notes and learn how it’s done. Nicole Wallace is tops in my book.

rheateach (@rheateach): @thedailybeast Bravo!

Dazzle (@Dazzleray): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/Dazzleray/status/1189319450295754752/photo/1

Timbotweet (@tamijowells): @thedailybeast 🐐

Jenniferlayne53 (@Jenniferlayne53): @thedailybeast @WajahatAli Good job

purplefrappe (@purplefrappe): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/purplefrappe/status/1189319858888101888/photo/1

T Simms (@simms3710): @thedailybeast It’s one of those chickensh*t http://days.Lol @NicolleDWallace @hwmnylx

JKDAnthony10 (@JKDAnthony10): @thedailybeast This DELIVERS.

Susan (@SusanMadn): @thedailybeast @WajahatAli She shouldn’t have lowered her vocabulary to Trump’s level.

Angela Spanos (@AngelaSpanos): @thedailybeast You speak for me!

Hildegarde Dewfoot (@HDewfoot): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/HDewfoot/status/1189320163927220225/photo/1

Crabby!! (@GrumpyTeague): @thedailybeast Right on Nichole! Way to degrade yourself, while acting brave, regarding a cause you will not win. Classless.

margaret c (@margculbster): @thedailybeast It’s Nicolle…

Jeannie Mckelvy (@JeannieMckelvy): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/JeannieMckelvy/status/1189320414696296449/photo/1

jodidelo (@jodidelo): @thedailybeast I have never heard anyone say the word “chicken shit” with such authenticity.., GOOD FOR YOU @NicolleDWallace good for you!!!!

Daniel StPeter (@saintpeterclan): @thedailybeast No doubt these haters are in panic mode…Can’t wait for the Obama era indictments…

Dork Web Cavy Fancier (@friendly_gravy): @thedailybeast She brought us Sarah Palin and this is theater to maintain #resistance cred.

Bopity (@BopityBopper): @thedailybeast @missb62 She was mild compared to me. When Trump and his slime ball minions belittled a Gold Star Family what I screamed at my TV makes Nicole’s comments look utterly mild in comparison. Nothing could be more obscene than Trump’s Presidency.

The American race (@0516_864): @thedailybeast I’m so glad these politicians & journalist have finally taken their masks. They can never undo it.

J B Anders (@Jba11765): @thedailybeast Let me guess, @MorningJoe_ condemn this as un-American

Marissia Dawn (@Marissia): @thedailybeast I love @NicolleDWallace I don’t care if she is left, right, moderate, white, black, green or alien, she just gets it.

jerry donovan (@DonovanJerry): @thedailybeast The BEST…absolutely the most true emotion i have seen on Twitter in my three yesrs here… https://twitter.com/DonovanJerry/status/1189320736382566401/photo/1

jåRęD (@deraj41): @thedailybeast I love @NicolleDWallace 👏

Deneb Altair (@DenebAltair2): @thedailybeast Give her NBC MEET THE PRESS, right now! Finally, a journalist with a set!

!¡•LRSandler•!¡ (@dhstudio): @thedailybeast While new level of goodness, Nicole! Thank you for speaking the Truth!💜

Steve Beecher (@steve_beecher): @thedailybeast I watch her show everyday and love every 60 minutes of her style of reporting. Today I loved her show even more. She’s awesome!

Connie (@clw_1956): @thedailybeast @WajahatAli Gloves are off, Republicans. We’re calling it the way it is.

Scott (@Scottishborn71): @thedailybeast If she gets fined, I saw we start a gofund me to cover the fine! Bravo @NicolleDWallace for your honesty!

Ivana (@Ivana22060733): @thedailybeast They don’t watch msnbc so they don’t get the message.

Jay Paganini (@paganini_j): @thedailybeast You go girl 👏🏼👍😂

Jus’ Rich (@jusrich70): @thedailybeast @stellaqueen1 Cool. https://twitter.com/jusrich70/status/1189322121773756416/photo/1

Sue Johnson (@SueJohn03377545): @thedailybeast You go girl, @NicolleDWallace I’m sure #LooseLipsTrump like it too! Bahaha…..🤣

Javelina Blue (@JavelinaBlue): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/JavelinaBlue/status/1189322230540505088/photo/1

Evan Olson (@evanscottolson): @thedailybeast You’re forgetting Rule #1: Republicans can do whatever they want and Democrats can’t.

GJRboston (@westernmainecc1): @thedailybeast #BreakingBadWithNicolleWallace


Tyler Watt (@TylerWatt_TROK): @thedailybeast You’re the Champ, Nicole.

Lyn lee (@Lynlee82397880): @thedailybeast It was incredible!!!!

HopedaleMom (@TiffanyBrack1): @thedailybeast How long before Trump refers to her as ‘foul-mouthed’?

Theresa Ziniewicz (@TheresaZ): @thedailybeast #chickenshitfoxnews #fakenews #FauxNews

EnemyJo 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊 (@joannenj): @thedailybeast Awesome #NicolleWallace rules!!! We are approaching the zero fu@ks level.

JPM (@JeromePMiron): @thedailybeast And?…. 🤷🏻‍♂️

BLKBLT (@barb03669592): @thedailybeast That was awesome!! 👏👏👏👏👏

Luciano Gomez (@Luciano71108330): @thedailybeast LOVE IT!!!!! Speak the truth!!!!!!

Bloom & Shine (@BellissimoFoto): @thedailybeast FINALLY! Bravo Nicole!

Linda dechen (@DechenLinda): @thedailybeast @Diana13042694 Awesome!

Just D (@dfromthebx): @thedailybeast @blackrepublican https://twitter.com/dfromthebx/status/1189325012026699777/photo/1

Ed (@eda4461): @thedailybeast Nicole = Rino ass sniffer

April Ann (@ethereal226): @thedailybeast This woman has been a badass for years #girlcrash

Tim Fris (@timfris): @thedailybeast That language Nicole, very offensive to the party of hypocrites.

Red Starr (@Brightredstar99): @thedailybeast @NicolleDWallace is awesome!
Let’s get her name right.
It’s Nicolle with two l’s.

58LP (@Jrzyjrnyman): @thedailybeast It was awesome!

BruceMajors (@BruceMajors4): @thedailybeast Is that what is on her lip?

T (@Liber_T2018): @thedailybeast That was absolutely awesome

vmay (@vmay21406218): @thedailybeast 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾💯💯💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾👍🏾

Ann Marie Chao (@amchow14): @thedailybeast That made my life

United In My Blood(RED👹) (@UnitedOnce): @thedailybeast Chickenshit are offended right now. They even think they are better than those people.

Gordan (@Gordan39245439): @thedailybeast Awesome! The right-wingers are just gross with their lying and propaganda for draft-dodger corrupt lying trump.

P.J.Quill (@subq21): @thedailybeast @NicolleDWallace It’s more than that… for those who have dedicatedly served with honor. Appalling and disgraceful, but… not surprising, from the opinion entertainers at ‘State TV’ propaganda channel @FoxNews not really ‘news’ at all. Well done… Nicolle. #TruthToPower https://twitter.com/subq21/status/1189327323176357890/photo/1

MamaTs (@TheresaJaneXOXO): @thedailybeast I missed it!! Dang

Ygnacio Hernandez (@jet747007): @thedailybeast Great job Nicole !!!.👍 https://twitter.com/jet747007/status/1189327971456344066/photo/1

twistedpersistr (@ankh_sen_aten): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/ankh_sen_aten/status/1189328166445371393/photo/1

Gregg Butler-Gant (@GreggTravels): @thedailybeast So we’re officially swearing now when discussing politics on TV? I’m good with that. Bring on the f-bombs!

stephanie (@00_stephanie): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/00_stephanie/status/1189328528887701504/photo/1

Desert09 (@desert09): @thedailybeast I am glad that I get the opportunity to watch her show 5 days a week. She is terrific.

Heather Hale (@HeatherHale88): @thedailybeast Nicolle Wallace is the BEST!

M. Scott (@Schrimsher_): @thedailybeast @NicolleDWallace #DeadlineWH
So hot…

@FoxNews @foxandfriends @TheFive
#BeBetter #NOH8

Johny Macintosh69🇨🇦 🇨🇦 (@RJ_Macnaughton): @thedailybeast I want to marry her!

Sgp (@spolo662): @thedailybeast Can’t wait till he’s your President for four more years,FOUR MORE YEARS

will (@willishl): @thedailybeast She’s right

Apolonia_Milan (@apolonia_milan): @thedailybeast When you’re like N O T T O D A Y !@NicolleDWallace ha!! #LetItBeKnown 💪🏽❤️💪🏽

Ray Mayer (@radiomayor2): @thedailybeast one thing to disagree with Him/Her BUT never Diss a decorated veteran..

Susie Brown (@SusieB4710): @thedailybeast And the Bad Ass of the Day Award goes to Nicole Wallace.

mikescian (@max04220): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/max04220/status/1189330316391059456/photo/1

ShilohLyannaMormontRoslin (@ShilohRoslin): @thedailybeast the sad part is LOL even if he WERE a double-agent HIS interests would still align against Trump’s interests which are all his own and not to do with anything greater than himself and certainly not with the USA over Russia. Putin’s ball sac is his pillow

Sheila D Robinson (@SheilaDRobinso2): @thedailybeast That is a sign that Nicolle is sooo annoyed with the GOP and right wing pundits that she has left her filter in the green room😂 #chickens

Imsmithy25 (@imsmithy25): @thedailybeast The angry intolerance of the left on full display

🇺🇸 American Kraut 🇩🇪 (@ThatGuyinLA): @thedailybeast Vindman! It’s like the janitor at police headquarters calling IA after overhearing the police chief say something “concerning” on a phone call.

Tim Morgan (@TimMorg63229659): @thedailybeast Well Wallace, the only fowl dropping is see,are on MSNBC news by dumb reporters who go out of their way to decide this country. Americans see the bull, we will talk the talk in 2020!
Trump will win, and you will still be at 15% credibility or worse.

Connie M (@connmonr3): @thedailybeast Thank you for calling them out. 👏👏👏 👏 👏 #NicoleWallace

denise gregory (@deniseg80252749): @thedailybeast You’re the chickens@@t Nicole. You hide behind your security.

GMAN (@gmandan007): @thedailybeast I thought that was John McCains description of her!

sev (@sevstter): @thedailybeast I love her. She’s so right

trueromance (@mlzv22): @thedailybeast Good for her! Sometimes, you have to take stand!

Joanne Caisse (@joanne_caisse): @thedailybeast Way to go, girl. Tell it like it is!!! Love your show.

Vinipizzetta (@Vinipizzetta11): @thedailybeast Way to go Nicolle!!!! https://twitter.com/Vinipizzetta11/status/1189332018598944768/photo/1

Michael Newman (@Michael87090683): @thedailybeast Nicole calling it like it is! Glorious.

Charleston Strong/Nikki 2024!!! (@DagneyTaggart3): @thedailybeast If Nicole Wallace says chicken shit and no one is watching did it really happen?

Chris (@Chris_also_ran): @thedailybeast @NicolleDWallace https://twitter.com/Chris_also_ran/status/1189332559953649665/photo/1

Kathleen Blair (@Bordercollie324): @thedailybeast We the viewers of Nicole Wallace and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC are so lucky to have these smart articulate women most days providing an interesting show with current concerns. Thanks to both of you!

Woodrow Lee (@Wlee18Jun): @thedailybeast I agree with you 100%.

DBean (@DBean99232687): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/DBean99232687/status/1189333067099455489/photo/1

SlightlySmartArsedFlorida🌴 (@ThatGrl721): @thedailybeast Give @NicolleDWallace a raise @MSNBC 🤣 https://twitter.com/ThatGrl721/status/1189333282661552128/photo/1

Lw Pucket (@LwPucket): @thedailybeast So what? She does not matter.

Bob Jozwiak (@BobJozwiak2): @thedailybeast @NicolleDWallace is becoming the best part of of MSNBC

Mike_S (@Michael19661985): @thedailybeast @NicolleDWallace

Funny, the Left & the Media had no problem smearing Gen Kelly or Gen. Flynn just because they worked for Trump.

Rozee (@Rozee280me): @thedailybeast F her….she either respects free speech, or she doesn’t….

Kathy smith (@Kathysm75015315): @thedailybeast She speaks the truth.

K Moorman (@moorm): @thedailybeast Good for you @NicolleDWallace. Keep it up. Stay mad. These nuts in the Republican Party and pundits who have chosen to debase themselves while ponying up to this corrupt president must be called out. People must see the truth.

🗽⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️ Kenny Do-Nothing Dem 🍻🐶 (@ForzaEnjay): @thedailybeast @agearan Love @NicolleDWallace ❤️

Keith Barber (@KeithDB80): @thedailybeast @AnneBDep https://twitter.com/KeithDB80/status/1189335347999789056/photo/1

Chrissy Chris (@ChrissyXris): @thedailybeast And she was 100% right to do it

laura (@burnzinitdown): @thedailybeast https://twitter.com/burnzinitdown/status/1189335884505735168/photo/1

Brenda LeGeral Gafford (@BrendaLegeral): @thedailybeast @NicolleDWallace! My girl didn’t mince her words! Her #shade was so fierce it was a total eclipse!😎 https://twitter.com/BrendaLegeral/status/1189336158762917888/photo/1

Chris Howell (@ChrisHowellUCLA): @thedailybeast @agearan It was glorious, and it fit the situation 👍👏

Jo Anne Persists (@jwaterhouse57): @thedailybeast Yes! Yes! Yes! Call it like it is!

linda naylor (@heavengo): @thedailybeast Laura Ingram will never be half the reporter that Nicole Wallace is…….she can dream!

Release Reality Winner Today (@IStillResist): @thedailybeast @SykesCharlie feisty and sexy milf

Melinda D (@MelindaDollive): @thedailybeast @SykesCharlie WHAT SHE SAID!!

mb (@makib1965): @thedailybeast @SykesCharlie She’s best of the best

Lynn (@SarahLynn2390): @thedailybeast She went full Beto huh? Love it.

jeff holcomb (@atjeffholcomb): @thedailybeast @SykesCharlie Well done.

Ben (@theNeutral00): @thedailybeast Yeah, the right is full of chicken-sh-ts and cowards. Just check Twitter.

david_martingtr (@daveszik): @thedailybeast God I love her!

David Hertz (@DavidHertz6): @thedailybeast @SykesCharlie And she was a loyal Bushie Republican.

Donna (@happyhamers): @thedailybeast @SykesCharlie This was amazing and she was wearing the best black sling-back shoes . 😍

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