Rep. Ray escalates the assault on the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act

I know there’s a lot going on in the world, but there’s a little slice of legislation here in Arkansas that is reflective of the overall direction of America’s system of rules and regulations. Throughout my career, I knew I had Arkansas’ stellar Freedom of Information law to support a search for information. Today there is a frightening attempt to gut that law…a law for EVERYONE, not just reporters.

The attack on Arkansas citizens’ right to know the hows and whys of local and state government decisions grows more intense.
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Jim Jordan Tells NBC Reporter He Can’t Read Well Without His Glasses When Shown Trump’s ‘Death & Destruction’ Post

The excuses just get thinner and thinner…

“When I showed this to him on my phone, he said he can’t read well without his glasses,” Sahil Kapur wrote of his interaction with Jordan
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Ivermectin advocate dies from horrifying side effects — and followers report ‘severe’ symptoms

I must say, I’m not surprised. Not in the least. Common sense comes around to bite the idiots who believed the ivermectin hoax. It prompts one big sigh and a shake of the head…

A Rhode Island man who promoted ivermectin died from a common side effect to the veterinary medicine, sparking concerns from his followers about their own reactions to the drug.Danny Lemoi, of Foster, had been taking a daily dose of veterinary-grade ivermectin since 2012, after he was diagnosed with…
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Watch: Trump vows to use the federal government to discipline your children

This is way up there on the “scared and stupid” scale…

Donald Trump is promising to use the federal government to discipline children if he becomes president again. The one-term Republican ex-president who, according to one watchdog group has been “credibly accused of committing at least 56 criminal offenses” vowed to end crime, with a focus on America’…
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At CPAC, ‘illness’ and ‘death’ from COVID-19 are risks conservative attendees must assume: waiver

Just a bit two-faced, aren’t they?

Laughing in the face of COVID-19 has been sport during pandemic-era stagings of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and its regional offshoots.”Thousands of patriots and not a damn mask in sight,” Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas beamed at CPAC Orlando in 2022. He cast vaccine …
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‘Arrest the reporter’: Trump demands SCOTUS jail journalists until they cough up name of leaker

Stupidly dangerous idea.

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday reacted angrily to news that the United States Supreme Court could not identify the individual who leaked a draft copy of its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade — and he said the journalists who reported the story should be thrown in jail.”The Supreme Court h…
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Trump Kicks Off His Sunday With Truth Social Freakout Over 2024 Polls and Jan. 6 Committee ‘Thugs and Scoundrels’

So, I guess Trump skipped church today? Busy with his own “teachings”…

Former President Donald Trump has begun his Sunday with a meltdown about 2024 presidential polls and the Jan. 6 Committee – among other subjects.
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‘Most on-brand thing I’ve ever seen’: Donald Trump’s ‘big announcement’ mocked as ‘another grifting scam’

This is truly hilarious…his “major announcement”!

2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made himself the target of mockery after declaring on Wednesday he would make a “major announcement” on Thursday, only to reveal it is yet another money-making scheme, digital playing cards.“Major Announcement!” Trump posted on his social media sit…
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