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Mid-Week Update

Finally found a few moments to wade through the wonderful world of blogging, and stumbled on a few things that really caught my eye.  I know I’ve been bad about updating lately, and I apologize.  Now, start reading.  And, don’t be afraid to leave a comment along the way.

English Only Rule Aimed at High School Valedictorian

The folks of Terrabone Parish in Louisiana want to cultivate their image as being backwards. Their lack of values are showing. Now they are set to require all speeches be made in English after the Valedictorian included a sentence of Vietnamese in hers — she did so to honor her parents, proving her own strong values.

McCain gets ‘visibly angry’ when challenged on whether military experience prepares him to be president.

ABC News’ David Wright reports that when he asked John McCain to “explain how his Vietnam experience prepared him for the presidency,” McCain “became visibly angry”: McCain became visibly angry when I asked him to explain how his Vietnam experience prepared him for the Presidency. “Please,” he said, recoiling back in his seat in distaste at the […]

Bush Stimulates The Porn Industry With His Economic Package

When President Bush announced his economic stimulus in January, he bragged that his package was the “right size” and would “boost” the economy: I am pleased that this agreement meets the criterion that I set forth last week to provide an effective, robust, and temporary set of incentives that will boost our economy and […]


The ‘bama Bounce

Going into the weekend, we have new numbers to play with:

Poll: Obama Vaults To 15-Point Lead Over McCain

Barack Obama might just be getting his post-primary national bounce. A new poll from Newsweek gives him a 51%-36% lead over John McCain, up from a 46%-46% tie a month ago. Obama is helped by some key statistics. Five-five percent […]

Obama Has Some Studying To Do

Or, there’s a really bad communication problem within the campaign. Positions on issues, like this one, really need to be known.

Sounds of Silence

Obama’s spokesman still doesn’t know his candidate’s position on the new FISA bill that passed the House today. The Senate vote is next week […]

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An “Oooops” From The Other Side

Well now!  Another old video.  Another old comment.

John McCain: I Didn’t Really Love America Until…

Dan Abrams has uncovered a video of John McCain saying… “I really didn’t love America until I was deprived of her company.” This has the potential to upend this campaign. Given the criticism of Michelle Obama’s remarks about pride, how can the right still press the patriotism of the Democratic candidate’s wife when the Republican candidate himself […]

Question Of The Day

Oh, what a great poll! And, of course, it comes from our friends at Fox News.  Surprised?

Fox News asks voters, ‘How much do you think Barack Obama loves America?’

There’s something eminently entertaining about Fox News polls, in large part because the network includes questions in its polls that no other news outlet would even consider. In this case, that’s not a compliment. In the poll (.pdf) released this afternoon, the big question, of course, was about the horserace in the general election. Fox News […]

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McCain’s VP Short List

I was pointed to this article by a regular reading of my blog. It’s certainly interesting and is one that I missed when skimming through bloglines last night.

Is Bobby Jindal — Who May Be On McCain’s Veep Shortlist — An Exorcist?

Bobby Jindal, the 36-year old governor of Louisiana, is being taken seriously by the national press as a candidate on the shortlist to be John McCain’s Vice President. No one doubts that he’s a political prodigy — his impressive resume […]

The Right To Vote


97-year-old woman in Arizona falls victim to state’s stringent voter ID law.

A 97-year-old Arizona woman who has voted in every election since 1933 says she won’t be able to vote in November, due to the state’s stringent voter ID law that requires proof of citizenship for those registering to vote and a photo ID when voting. Shirley Preiss was born in 1910 in Kentucky, before the […]