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The ‘bama Bounce

Going into the weekend, we have new numbers to play with:

Poll: Obama Vaults To 15-Point Lead Over McCain

Barack Obama might just be getting his post-primary national bounce. A new poll from Newsweek gives him a 51%-36% lead over John McCain, up from a 46%-46% tie a month ago. Obama is helped by some key statistics. Five-five percent […]


Obama Has Some Studying To Do

Or, there’s a really bad communication problem within the campaign. Positions on issues, like this one, really need to be known.

Sounds of Silence

Obama’s spokesman still doesn’t know his candidate’s position on the new FISA bill that passed the House today. The Senate vote is next week […]

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An “Oooops” From The Other Side

Well now!  Another old video.  Another old comment.

John McCain: I Didn’t Really Love America Until…

Dan Abrams has uncovered a video of John McCain saying… “I really didn’t love America until I was deprived of her company.” This has the potential to upend this campaign. Given the criticism of Michelle Obama’s remarks about pride, how can the right still press the patriotism of the Democratic candidate’s wife when the Republican candidate himself […]

Campaign Shakeup

The Obama camp loses a big fish.

Head of Obama’s Vice Presidential Search Resigns

James Johnson had come under scrutiny after disclosures that he had received mortgage loans on […]

Obama and Edwards

This certainly won’t hurt him among Dems.

Elizabeth Edwards to Have Obama’s Ear

Barack Obama’s healthcare plan maybe looking better in the future to those voters who preferred the plans of Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. The Boston Globe reports: Barack Obama announced in his economy speech today that Elizabeth Edwards will work with him on healthcare policy — the issue that is the cause of her life and […]

New Poll

Obama Has moved into the lead, over McCain. And the lead is not insignificant.

Clinton Helps Obama To A 9-Point Lead Over McCain

Note that in the most recent Gallup tracking poll, taken Friday-Sunday, Obama has now pulled out to a 6-point lead over McCain nationally, 48%-42% among registered voters. Also note something else: over the last three days, when Hillary is added to the ticket, that lead moves up to […]

Just Saying “No”

Both candidates, McCain and Obama, are giving moderated townhall discussions a “thumbs down”. That says a lot about their distrust of the media.

The Townhalls

Ezra Klein coments on the fact that neither Obama nor McCain has any interest in allowing the press to moderate their proposed series of townhall meetings:This is possibly the first time in memory that the media’s actually suffered for […]