Dale Hansen Is Signing Off, Taking the Anchorman Era With Him – The Ringer

I’m reposting this because Dale Hansen is a legend. One of a kind.

The Dallas sportscaster will end a 41-year run delivering the local news when he retires in September. His style, which has earned him internet fame in recent years, harkens back to a bygone era of broadcast television.
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The Bet of a Lifetime

Sometimes it just works out:

As James Adducci watched Tiger Woods’ pursuit of history in the final round of the Masters on a 23-inch TV screen in a “tiny, jail cell-sized” room in his parents’ house in a rural Wisconsin town, he had to continually wake up his father. His father, at age 82, and with significant health issues, maybe didn’t fully grasp the gravity of what he was watching. Tiger was on his way to perhaps completing the best comeback story in sports history, but more importantly to the Adduccis, it would determine the outcome of a $85,000 wager he placed on Tuesday at a William Hill casino…

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