Schiff Fires Back

There ain’t nothin’ half-hearted about Schiff’s response to demands that he resign…

The House Intelligence Committee devolved into bitter infighting Thursday, as all nine Republicans demanded Chairman Adam Schiff resign his post and the California Democrat responded with a blistering account of “evidence of collusion” between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. “We have no faith in your ability to…

Full summary via Politico.

Cancer Claims Another

Matt was far too young. He was a talented journalist, but so much more. So many of us are older, and still fighting the cancer fight. Matt always seemed to be one (often humorous) step ahead of the disease. There are dozens of posts online tonight from many who knew Matt better than I did. Roby Brock of Talk Business and Politics wrote:

A TV reporter, press spokesman, PR professional, film enthusiast, comedian. Not necessarily in that order. Matt DeCample wore a lot of hats in his too-short life. Former KATV reporter and longtime spokesman for Gov. Mike Beebe, Matt DeCample died Sunday evening (March 3) after a nearly three-year battle with cancer.

Read all of Roby’s thoughts HERE And keep Matt’s family and friends in your heart.