‘Certifiably nuts’: Lauren Boebert posts Christmas photo of her four sons brandishing assault rifles

This is absolutely ridiculous. And not in a funny way.

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert posted a photo of her young children brandishing assault rifles in front of a Christmas tree on Tuesday.
Her post came three days after Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie drew intense backlash for a similar photo. It also came one week to …
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How’s Your Night?

Sam Stein (@samstein): A White House official admits to us, Trump has lost whatever interest he had in doing gun control.


With @swin24 and @sambrodey

Sam Stein (@samstein): @swin24 @sambrodey “There is nothing happening,” one Senate Democratic aide, who asked to be referred to as a “severely depressed staffer who has been through too many of these,” said of the current state of negotiations. “This is all Trump. It is all in his hands.” https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-goes-dark-on-gun-control-after-pledging-background-checks-like-weve-never-had-before

“No” to a Stand Your Ground Bill in Arkansas

Just running out of time in this session, and a questionable idea:

He retreated. Sen. Bob Ballinger sent “stand your ground” bill to interim committee for study and vowed it would be back in two years. The bill would have eliminated any responsibility to retreat…

The Arkansas Times’ Arkansas Blog has a quick wrap-up online RIGHT HERE It hasn’t worked well in other states, so why risk it here?