At donor dinner, Giuliani associate said he discussed Ukraine with Trump, according to people familiar with his account – The Washington Post

The hits just keep on comin’!

After Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman told the president that they thought the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine was unfriendly to him, Trump immediately suggested firing her, people familiar with Parnas’s account said.
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It’s Not Just MSNBC

CNN goes for the jugular, too.

Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona): CNN’s Brianna Keilar absolutely scorches her new colleague Sean Duffy:

“That’s some anti-immigrant bigotry and it’s odd questioning of patriotism coming from a guy who spent his 20s on MTV’s The Real World and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge” while Vindman served in Iraq (@fenomlife): @justinbaragona 👏👏👏

R. Elizabeth Hunter (@ginger_petite): @justinbaragona (@fenomlife): @justinbaragona Shouldn’t #SeanDuffy be contributing his nonsense on #foxnews ?????

KUEEN (@KUEEN_MA): @justinbaragona BIG OOF

Sahar Lewis (@LewisSahar): @justinbaragona please observe scalise face behind Chaney, “better you than me Liz”

Fred Cunningham (@fac_fred): @justinbaragona @SethAbramson

Suzette (@Suzetteluv): @justinbaragona @LondonSpencer #IngrahamIsAChickenShit

Michael V Haviland (@havilandmike): @justinbaragona @RepSeanDuffy!!! What do you have to say punk?

MDluz (@dluz2321): @justinbaragona @JohnJHarwood Hire Shepard Smith send Duffy to Fox

Thanh Hoang (@thoang1971): @justinbaragona Damn, she went “Real World” on his ass…@RepSeanDuffy that was disgraceful. How long can you go for your Dear Leader son?

Josh Nyerges (@NyRAGEous): @justinbaragona 🔥🔥🔥

Jax’s GG (@ljdoss): @justinbaragona Thank you Brianna Keilar for blasting your own. I hope he will be short lived with CNN. People like him are why I moved to MSNBC. Still watch you sometimes though.

Henry Cobb (@henrycobb): @justinbaragona @JohnJHarwood When will these #NeverPutin types be purged from the government?

Sheila (@sheilamccyoung): @justinbaragona @JohnJHarwood OMG was he Puck?

John L. @ elvesrreal (@Johnelvesrreal): @justinbaragona Always love the look on Brianna’s face when the guest speaks illogical nonsense.

Nurseforlife (@watt_cyrus): @justinbaragona 👏👏👏

Abe Whipple (@abe_whipple): @justinbaragona BAM!

John C. Krizek (@jckrizek): @justinbaragona @TakenByTheWinds Duffy is swamp scum.

Daniel Brennan (@ripplepig): @justinbaragona

Essence of Lursa🐾🆘🌟🆘 (@KapeciaResists): @justinbaragona does Cnn have him on just to piss us right the F*** off?

Maureen Sheridan (@mcscajun): @justinbaragona @ChuckWendig Ba-BOOM!

Lf (@lizzzyf): @justinbaragona Thank you. @brikeilarcnn

Matthew B Gillen (@gillen_matthew): @justinbaragona CNN is doing this on purpose and you’re all eating it up like reality TV 🙄

ms. web (@Ihaveanopinion): @justinbaragona “not one’s party, not ones president… But, one’s country”

Zander (@Amlaf3): @justinbaragona @Popehat 🔥🔥🔥

BellyDancinHeffa (@BellyDancnHeffa): @justinbaragona @MelodyWyles #WorldSeries #tuesdayvibes #StarWars #RobertEvans #MattGaetzIsATool

Kris 🐻⬇️ (@KrisArmstrong1): @justinbaragona Whoa! Brava.

Bob McMahon (@ram_mcmahon): @justinbaragona @brikeilarcnn 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

Mr Jeff (@dspatrol): @justinbaragona Fuck yeah Brianna.

Diane Laguna (@LagunaDiane): @justinbaragona Brianna Keilar was fantastic!!!

Laura Apollo (@lauraapollo): @justinbaragona @JohnJHarwood Really needs to be EX new colleague. 🤔

Kyle Andrew Brown (@kylemillennial): @justinbaragona @JohnJHarwood 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐦𝐩 𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐝𝐞𝐟𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐩𝐬𝐞𝐬 under Lt Col Vindman’s Purple Heart.

Chief Chris (@ChrisPizza4): @justinbaragona Brianna is a badass Army wife…love her !!

Rebex (@rebexm): @justinbaragona Eviscerated.

Ty Hall (@VET_TYHALL): @justinbaragona DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY
LTC Vindman is America’s finest – fullstop.
See Something, Say Something

Mary Lou Bolger (@MaryLouBolger): @justinbaragona We love @brikeilarcnn
She should she be moderator of @CNNSotu

Nick Rocchio (@bamarock15): @justinbaragona My favorite CNN anchor @brikeilarcnn bringing the heat.

Minerva 🦉🌿 (@milesawaycu): @justinbaragona #FireSeanDuffy

No One is Above the Law (@noybsk2017): @justinbaragona Your move @CNN
Fire Duffy or be seen as promoting / tolerating his repugnant, ignorant, divisive rhetoric.

Bill Gerhauser (@bgerh): @justinbaragona Nice job @brikeilarcnn !!

D Moore (@DebForDemocrats): @justinbaragona All the anchors dislike him. Why the hell did they hire him?

Zazu McGoo1 (@ZazuMcGoo1): @justinbaragona @Popehat And yet @brikeilarcnn and @andersoncooper and @jaketapper choose to continue their employment with the company that hired Jeffrey Lord, Corey Lewandowski and now Sean Duffy. #SpareMetheFauxOutrage

marysinva (@maryphouser): @justinbaragona

Alan Gibson (@NoleFan3884): @justinbaragona

ManaMana (@manamana1967): @justinbaragona Vindman = Ukraine asset 🤣🤣🤣

K Kins (@kins__khaleesi): @justinbaragona Women are way less susceptible to trumps bullshit and bullying than GOP men are

Lucy (@Lucy1997_2011): @justinbaragona That’s where I recognized him from! Also “former” congressman seems like a pretty good job title for a tool like him. @CNN should fire him. @FoxNews is still employing incompetent opinion hosts that also trash distinguished veterans. #FireSeanDuffy #FireLauraIngraham

Michelle Carasco (@mskitty71): @justinbaragona Why does CNN keeps hiring these people ? They knew what they were getting!

chris gormley (@ctgormley): @justinbaragona Yea but CNN hasn’t let him go (which they should).

Just a Spectator (@StoryTeller1453): @justinbaragona Who is Sean Duffy? Is he a Rapper???

Pat Baskfield (@pbaskfield): @justinbaragona Puck was better

Chi chi ortega (@sashapadme): @justinbaragona Dayum

Lori Chasity ❄️🌊 ✊🏻🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 (@lori_chasity): @justinbaragona

Stephanie Wahl (@StephanieWahl2): @justinbaragona I’ve stopped watching CNN entirely. Provides no actual news value.

Raffles (@metalrafferty): @justinbaragona @ghostofhypotia @RepSeanDuffy getting owned like a bum.

the broken (@universaIfriend): @justinbaragona brianna has all the hits

🐝Kingfisher (@pjKingfisher): @justinbaragona As he gets paid for provocative air

Greg (@GRW1971): @justinbaragona Savage & inspiring. @brikeilarcnn nailed it. Also just have to mention the pathetic Steve Scalise standing behind Cheney as she spoke (Well) in defense of Vindman. He’s trying to look supportive of Cheney while actively behaving exactly like that fool Duffy. I am so sick of @GOP.

Kelly Bennett (@KJo550): @justinbaragona I thought he looked familiar!

Ric Paul (@ric4100): @justinbaragona @JohnJHarwood Vindman is a Ukrainian agent that was / is working 2 get Ukraine American $’s & he disagrees with Trump’s foreign policy! His concerns don’t mean a crap! He can run 4 President and then he can B in charge of American foreign policy! Until then, Trump is President!

jamiko777 (@jamiko777): @justinbaragona Zucker is $pringer who hijacked/sleazed up a once very highly respected news network! More & more having less doubt he and Trump aren’t IN this (w/ their fake news ‘war’) 2gether! My biggest concern are for the TRUE news people like this & others there whose lives are at risk.

Kevin Wald (@Kevin__Wald): @justinbaragona Hey @RepSeanDuffy, thanks for quitting midterm and leaving me and other Wisconsinites without representation in Congress.

Trumpet (@SunDe67): @justinbaragona And the same fake teeth guy and his family of 9 will be free loader on my tax money for the rest of his life. Waste of my tax money on useless imbecile

Trish (@trishtra3): @justinbaragona I would hope everyone speaks out like her and Nicole Wallace did today. But why is it always the women showing strength?

RandomThoughts (@RandomSez): @justinbaragona When cnn announces he’s been fired they can start earning back trust.

Dial (@tranparencynow): @justinbaragona She aight to team up with Nicole Wallace and they can be badass R’s together. Love them.

David Milk (@MilkmanDave): @justinbaragona Did CNN set up this MTV boy to be a fall guy?

Something is fishy

Lee Countyween (AL) Dems (@LCDCAlabama): @justinbaragona

Dog Whistler in Chief (@DonTheC0n): @justinbaragona @TrueFactsStated @RepSeanDuffy get owned

Mary-Pat Cormier (@marypatcormier): @justinbaragona The @CNN Holiday party this year gonna be a doozy.

Debbie Pipkin (@PipkinDebbie): @justinbaragona Why was this guy hired by CNN?

harold thomas (@thomash1268): @justinbaragona @JohnJHarwood CNN is risking not only viewership exodus but also of their longtime anchors, why?

Lola Rose (@LolaRose813): @justinbaragona One thing I have noticed is it’s the WOMEN that are speaking truth to power!

MiraBella (@MiraBel14950091): @justinbaragona

Gagga Dan (@DanielKeevy): @justinbaragona Why does Sean Duffy even have a platform? Asking for CNN because someone hired him.

DL Savage Palmer (@dpalmer25352): @justinbaragona As they said on That 70s Show, burn!

No one you know (@Nooneyo54503486): @justinbaragona #FireSeanDuffy

Tom Bales (@TomBales1): @justinbaragona @JosephChez Can we get a pool going on how low Fox will stoop during the next 13 months?

Sports_Luv (@cag1sports): @justinbaragona Why did @CNN hire this guy? This makes them look bad.

Marsha Noller (@NollerMarsha): @justinbaragona Thank you, Brianna!!!

Dem4now 🍀 (@Dem4now): @justinbaragona CNN is unwatchable. People like Duffy are the reason why.

Options Tips (@optionstips): @justinbaragona So why does @CNN think these guys are worth paying for their views. CNN fire him.

Eleanor of Acupuncture (@Bloodroot54): @justinbaragona #FireSeanDuffy

The Impeachment Case

It’s really heating up in Congress. More and more talk of impeachment.

President Trump has now formally exerted executive privilege over the redacted portions of the Mueller report and its underlying materials — defying a House subpoena for those materials, and confirming once again that Trump will exercise maximal resistance to any and all oversight and accountability. This march into treating the House as fundamentally illegitimate is going to make it harder and harder for Democrats to resist launching…

The Washington Post has the opinion piece RIGHT HERE.